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SUNSHINE STRIPE | Bug-Me-Not Infant Car Seat Cover

SUNSHINE STRIPE | Bug-Me-Not Infant Car Seat Cover

$ 50.00 $ 65.00

Bug-Me-Not Car Seat Covers keep all the bugs out and happy, healthy babies in.

Germy fingers OUT

Extra friendly hands OUT

Bright sun rays OUT

Bugs big and small OUT

Clean hands and faces IN

Clean air IN

Toys, shoes and blankets IN

Happy babies IN

Your baby could use a little extra breathing room when it comes to their comfy car seat.  Every Bug-Me-Not car seat cover has a full coverage screen so you can show off your baby while keeping them safe and healthy.  A custom fit means that your car seat cover looks like it was made for your car seat because it is!

 Product Details -

Tailored design provides snug fit

Fits most infant car seats

Double layer protection

Screen layer allows for adequate ventilation

Jersey layer provides full coverage protection

Easy on/off design


Care: Machine wash cold. Lay flat to dry

Material: Jersey Rayon, Mesh Screening

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